Open Letter to MTBA

Following the release of the EOI documents for the 2016-2018 NCXS, we have been working in the background in an alliance formed between  Australian Cyclocross organisers with NCXS experience. We feel it is important that we voice our concerns to MTBA on behalf of our respective Cyclocross communities.  With a view to transparency, below is our letter to MTBA.


Shane Coppin
Chief Executive Officer
Mountain Bike Australia,
PO Box 377, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

Expressions of Interest – National Cyclocross Series (NCXS)

We the undersigned, write to you on behalf of the NCXS host clubs and interested parties across Australia.

We write to express our concern over recent developments regarding the National Cyclocross Series Expression of Interest (NCXS EOI) documents recently released by Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).

We seek to work with MTBA to address some of these concerns, to improve the state of Australian Cyclocross in general, and the National Series and National Championships in particular.

We are concerned by the following (in no particular order):

  1. Lack of consultation prior to releasing the EOI.
  2. The last minute nature of this process and the uncertainty it creates with CX season fast approaching.
  3. Lack of elected representation for CX as a separate discipline within MTBA’s Committees.
  4. MTBA reneging on last years submission commitment to 2 year allocations.
  5. The ‘Regional Grant Strategy’, and the associated burden on athletes for regional travel.
  6. Gender inequality by not offering women the same grades as men.
  7. The potential for exclusion of CA licensed riders.
  8. Changes to Master’s category age brackets.
  9. Transference of financial risk to hosts clubs through fixed fees.
  10. Absence of Support Grades.
  11. Apparent lack of due diligence to adequately explore the workability of key EOI proposals.
  12. MTBA imposed personnel at races.
  13. A range of operational & organisational issues, either captured or absent from the EOI.

To adequately cover the detail of these issues, we submit to you a separate report. We have chosen not to make the detail of that report public at this stage, but want to assure members of our respective Cyclocross communities that we are making our issues known to you personally, and MTBA, in no uncertain terms.

Put most simply, we believe that Cyclocross belongs to the communities across Australia that have helped build it over many years. We understand the passion that a great many people feel for the sport. We believe Cyclocross quite rightly has a separate identity, and deserves it’s own voice; and as such needs input to how it is to be organised and the future direction of the sport – particularly at the grassroots level. We do the sport and our communities a disservice if we remain quiet, and hope that you take our input as it is intended – as being for the benefit of the sport now and in the future.

We extend our offer to work with MTBA to develop a national series that benefits Australian cyclocross in 2016 and beyond, and to represent the best interests of Australian Cyclocross riders and host clubs. We can be contacted by return email.

Yours sincerely

Greg Murison
Perth Mountain Bike Club,

Gemma Kernich
Vice President – Port Adelaide Cycling Club

Peter McInulty
Fields of Joy Cyclocross, Sunbury Cycling Club

Colin Bell
Fields of Joy Cyclocross, Sunbury Cycling Club

Nik Cotterell
Dirty Deeds Cyclocross, Brunswick Cycling Club

Paul Aubrey
Canberra Off Road Cyclists,

Sean Couley
Manly Warringah Cycling Club, Australian CX Magazine

Shannon Lister
Newcastle Cyclocross

Robbie McEwen
Robbie McEwen Cycling

Bradley Norman
Queensland Cyclocross


Australian CX Magazine
Greg Meyland, Victoria Representative, MTBA Management Committee
Jodie Stembridge, WA representative, MTBA Management Committee
Russ Baker, President, MTBA

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